"Each man has a song and this is my song." (Leonard Cohen)

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Really annoying

I am in the soup here because blogger.com has changed the 'interface' and the new one doesn't work. I can just about view the blog and write a new post (sort of, though very limited - I can't change the font or do paragraphs) but I can't edit old ones, for example add to lists. It is a universal law of (IT) nature that any new interface will be worse. Still, it's extremely annoying. I am studying options. I may have to find another blog service. For now, there will be a pause, I'm afraid, and there will be no more posts till I have sorted this mess out. If anyone from blogspot is reading, PLEASE let us go back to the old system, which was infinitely superior. Jeff


  1. Or when the western becomes a noir... Keep going Jeff! JM