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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A Western dictionary: essays on different aspects of the Western movie

What did you do in the lockdown, Daddy?

Lockdown is ending, here in France where I live - or at least being relaxed.

I have been using my confinement time profitably, I am sure you will agree, by reading and writing about Westerns, watching them and generally pondering the noble genre. What more fruitful use of time could there be?

(Don't answer that).

I have plans for this blog to ‘grow’. In addition to reviews of Western movies and TV shows, of which there are now close to 1500 (and you can find them all listed in alphabetical order, with livelinks, at the top of the sidebar on the home page, under aaa WESTERN MOVIES AND TV SHOWS REVIEWED) I want to create a dictionary of the Western.
I have already posted essays on various aspects of the oater, subjects such as women, derringers, hangings, budgets, bank robberies, sidekicks, and so on. Gradually, I will add to these, and hope to build up into a comprehensive encyclopedia of the sagebrush.

Some of the posts planned will deal with stagecoaches, gamblers, railroads, range wars and wagon trains – all key aspects of the Western, I reckon.
It will be my small contribution to the greatest (without doubt) of the movie genres and, I hope, a useful little guide to Western lovers everywhere.

You can find these articles too, also listed alphabetically, in a new addition to the sidebar, under aaf DICTIONARY OF THE WESTERN.

Happy clicking!

Dictionary of the Western

More entries will be added gradually

AmericanWesterns north of the border: Canada
Italian westerns
Spaghetti westerns
Italian westernsItalian westerns


  1. What an excellent idea. I look forward to more entries.

  2. To paraphrase George Clooney, what else !?
    Now I know where to find some if your previous posts
    If I may suggest a few topics, caravans-pioneers, railroad, pony express, stagecoach...
    Your blog is definitely essential to face the difficulties of life...

  3. I have seen other blogs that deal with westerns, but this is the only one I know of that combines fact and fiction. Great job!


  4. Fine writing, amazing work.

  5. Jeff, I have seen that my first draft of suggestions was more or less matching your plans after having read more carefully your introduction... Since you have a full plate waiting for you, I am not in hurry to find more at the moment. Take your time! JM

    1. Gracious of you. I'll bash on, bit by bit. Next up, preachers!

  6. great plan, Jeff!!
    suggestions: barbers, drugstore keepers, saloon keepers,...
    it's endless... -;)

    1. I like th idea of saloon owners, barmen (and sometimes women) and saloon gals. I'll get to work…