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Monday, March 30, 2020

Two great figures of the Old West

I thought you might like to see this picture of Jeff with his old sidekick Matt Dillon in Monument Valley. I unearthed it while tidying my study and it brought back happy memories.

(My traveling companion bought the cardboard cut-out and lugged it round half the United States in the back of the station wagon.)


  1. Like being on the set of a John Ford movie; but without being bullied by the director.


  2. Even closer to my early western hero, Jeff Arnold, star of Charles Chilton's "RIDERS OF THE RANGE" on BBC radio (wireless please)and also in my favourite boyhood comic paper, The Eagle.

    Btw, Jeff, you don't look that much shorter than the 6' 7" James Arness or is that just wishful thinking??!!

    1. Yes, someone wrote me once about that Jeff Arnold. I believe he was a comic-strip Texas Ranger. I'm afraid I'm no blood relation. Pity.
      I'm not short, but not as lofty as Jim Arness.
      Sadly, my companion, who took the photo, was more in love with J Arness than she was with J Arnold…

  3. Hi Jeff

    I think you look great as a westerner... except those sandals -:)

    Best wishes


    1. Not exactly pointy-toed cowboy boots, are they?
      Oh well.