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Sunday, June 22, 2014

A little PS to Colorado Territory

Colorado Territory Italian poster

Reader Nicholas Chennault in a comment said, "By the way, there's a great Italian poster for this movie, showing Virginia Mayo as Colorado Carson apparently holding off the posse--a version of the last scene in the film. It's one of my very favorite western posters ever."

That got me intrigued and I started searching. I found two:


The Italian title Gli amanti della città sepolta (The Lovers of the Buried City) doesn't quite cut it, but never mind. There's a thesis to be written on movie title translations. Must get down to it one day.

Dr J Arnold PhD (as if).


  1. Love Italian posters generally, but neither of these is the one I was referring to. This is the URL of a page with my favorite--the one that's predominantly orange.


  2. You are right, an excellent poster!
    See http://jeffarnoldblog.blogspot.fr/2014/06/a-ps-to-ps-on-colorado-territory.html