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Friday, January 10, 2014

The most popular posts of 2013

The truth behind famous legends

Hi, e-pards. I have been looking at last year’s stats for this blog. I thought you might like to know which were the most popular posts of 2013.

They are, with the most popular at the top and in descending order:

1.       Tom Horn in fact and fiction. Way the most viewed post, interestingly.

2.       The Sharps rifle. Two Western firearms in the top ten. The Sharps seems to exercise a fascination.

3.       Kirk Douglas. Really popular Western star, which surprised me a bit.

4.       Winchester ’73. No real surprises there, I guess. One of the great Westerns of all time.

5.       The Big Land: Alan Ladd part 5. Alan Ladd also very popular. OK, whatever turns you on.

6.       Once Upon a Time in the West. Far from my favorite film but there’s interest out there alright.

7.       The Colt .45. Another Western gun, this time the emblematic Colt.

8.       Wyatt Earp Part 1/2 the fact. Good old Wyatt, still draws the interest.

9.       Wyatt Earp Part 2/2 the fiction. The fiction came second to the fact!

10.   Jim Bridger in fact and fiction. The great mountain man still has his charm.

Thanks for reading!
I wonder what 2014 will bring…

So long, blogpards.



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  2. I find several of them interesting, as well. Not surprised, though, by Douglas. He is in two of the finest westerns of the 50s -- Gunfight at the OK Corral and Last Train From Gun Hill -- and is one of the last surviving stars of old Hollywood. The Tom Horn posts were very well written, but the interest in Horn surprises me, as well.

    Maybe in a followup post, you could give us a preview of 2014?

  3. For me, OK Corral was good but flawed and Gun Hill was good but not the equal of 3:10. Still, I agree they were both important Westerns. Douglas was never better than in the fine Lonely Are The Brave, if you count that a Western (which I do). Mind, he was in some dreadful clunkers too.
    I have noticed a great number of readers for posts related to Wyoming in one way or another and suspect a clique of Wyomingists for the Tom Horn readership. Fair enough, as anyone knows that, after new Mexico, Wyoming is the most beautiful state of the Union.
    As for a preview of 2014, read tomorrow!
    Thanks for your comment, Bob, and may 2014 bring as many interesting posts on your blog as 2013 did.