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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

El kárate, el Colt y el impostor aka Blood Money (Champion Films, 1974)

This is a spaghetti Western filmed in Spain which has Lee Van Cleef partnered with Lieh Lo (or Lo Lieh). The former plays a conman and gambler, the latter a kung fu expert from Hong Kong who has to find the answer to a riddle or his family will be killed by a Chinese warlord back home.

Yes, I know.
Such a good Western actor. But he was in such junk.
The different elements of the riddle, unintelligible until all have been assembled, have been tattooed on the rumps of a series of saloon women. Lee and Lo are thus obliged to tour the West examining bottoms.

A wicked clergyman with a traveling church (the wooden structure is on wheels and towed by a team of eight) gets on to the idea and pursues the heroes and the bottoms with equal determination.

It all ends – oh, hell, who cares how it ends.


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