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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wyatt Earp, in fact and fiction

This 2010 post has been revised and updated in April 2013.
To read the revised version, click here.



  1. the older wyatt looks alot like Sam Elliot does not...cool

    1. Sam Elliott is so cool! But you are right, I never noticed the resemblance before!

      Another doppelganger of the old west is between Joel McCrea and Tom Horn!

  2. Is he smiling!? There are many pictures of Wyatt Earp to be found, spanning most all of his life. But in not one of them is he smiling, not even a hint of one. In fact, he pretty much always looks like he's ready to take someones head off. Like Virgil says in Tombstone, "I'd know that sour face anywhere", or "She (their mother) always doted on the frowner". But here, the left corner of his mouth is up turned up ever so slightly - a smile. For him at least.

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