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Saturday, August 29, 2015

The men (usually) who made the West


Much of this blog has been devoted to Western movies, a fair bit to books on the old West and now and then we have also looked at the lives of some of the historical characters of the ‘Wild West’, in fact and fiction.

I thought it might be useful to readers to have a list, with links, of these last so that you can trawl through the dramatis personae of the real West and read (brief) biographies of these men and (occasionally) women, as well as how they have been represented in novels and on the screen, big and small.

So click the links to read more!

Al Sieber, Apache scout
Bat Masterson, lawman and gambler
Bear River Tom Smith, tough lawman without a gun
Billy the Kid, juvenile delinquent
Black Jack Ketchum, more mature delinquent
Calamity Jane, rare woman who played a part in the mythology of the West
Cochise, one of the greatest Native American leaders ever
Dallas Stoudenmire, El Paso lawman with few scuples
Elfego Baca, a rare Mexican-American gunman
General Custer, Civil War boy general and fighter of the Plains Indians
Jesse James, train and bank robber
John Chisum, cattleman
John P Clum, Indian agent and editor
John Wesley Hardin, Texas serial killer
Luke Short the gambler, famous figure of Dodge City
Pat Garrett, lawman
Print Olive, murderous cattle baron
Sam Bass, outlaw
Sitting Bull, great figure of the Sioux
The Daltons, outlaws
Tom Horn, scout and range detective
Wild Bill Hickok, lawman and gambler
Wyatt Earp, lawman and saloon owner

More will follow! Next on the horizon, Pink Higgins, Crazy Horse and Judge Roy Bean.

Happy trails, e-pards.




  1. Looking forward to Pink Higgins, who seems to have been unjustly ignored by Hollywood. Maybe his "sissy" name put them off.


    1. Yes,it's a curious (yet memorable) name. The color tones didn't stop the Pinkertons though. Higgins is probably the most famous gunfighter most people have never heard of.
      Happy trails.

  2. Thanks for consolidating all of this in one place!