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Friday, November 28, 2014


Howdy, e-pards.

Just to say sorry I haven't been online much in November (minor irritations of life such as work have got in the way of the serious and proper matter of Western blogging) but I am back now and aiming to post twice a week for the forseeable future.

So check back. Coming soon:

Dale Robertson as Jesse James, the life of Pat Garrett, the country singer version of Stagecoach, and more!

Meanwhile, happy trails.



  1. Leon Metz wrote a great biography of Pat Garrett, which goes beyond simply "the man who killed Billy the Kid". I remember a TV movie version of Stagecoach with I believe Willie Nelson as Doc Holliday in the Thomas Mitchell role. Wasn't too impressed.

    Richard B.

    1. Howdy Richard
      You are right on both counts. I have just read the Leon Metz and will be writing about Pat Garrett based on that, and Willie Nelson as Doc Holliday was not entirely, er, convincing...
      Best wishes,