"Each man has a song and this is my song." (Leonard Cohen)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Oregon Trail

Down that Oregon Trail


An open range ahead
A blanket for a bed
A friendly fire while lonely coyotes wail
That's life on the Oregon Trail

Wagon train windin' cross the prairie
Rollin' onward through the storm and gale
Towards the land of dreams trudge the old ox teams
Down the Oregon Trail

Through the night the Lord is in the saddle
Riding herd beneath the moon so pale
Watching o'er each stray till the break of day
Down the Oregon Trail

There'll be cattle on each ranch in Oregon
There'll be valleys filled with golden grain
There'll be apples on each branch in Oregon
For there'll be plenty sun and rain
Hurry up old pioneer, keep movin'
Your gallant little band must never fail
'Cross the great divide, side by side we'll ride
Down the Oregon Trail

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  1. An other interesting web site by the US national parks service dedicatec to the contemporary traveller